Serial number and model information on Samsung laptops & smartphones


Both the model code and serial number are found on the bottom of your notebook.

Samsung Notebook/ Netbook




Note: On Samsung smartphones, the model number is more specific than the model name.


Option 1: To find the model number and serial number on your Galaxy smartphone, just go to Settings and About Phone.


Option 2: Check the label on the back of your device. The model number is found on the top row and the serial number on the bottom (following the abbreviation S/N).

The IMEI, Serial number and Model number are printed on the back of the device.


Option 3: You can also dial *#06# on the keypad in your phone calls application, and the serial number will appear on the screen.

Please note that IMEI/MEID number, which can be found on various places in and on the phone, are not the same as serial number (although relatively similar in format).