Asus Laptop Chargers

Welcome to the Asus laptop charger page. We have all the necessary chargers for your Asus laptop, and since we are an authorized distributor of Asus spare parts you can expect original parts when selecting a charger that includes Asus in its name (all third party chargers are labelled 'Zand Parts' in the product name).

Please click on the image that matches your laptop type and you will be redirected to the series section for that type of laptop. Then select desired series and model, and you then can browse for a charger that fits your laptop. If you are having trouble finding the correct one you can always contact us or start a chat with our support in the bottom right corner.


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Frequently asked questions about ASUS chargers


Q: Why should I buy a genuine Asus laptop charger?
A: Good Question! The answer is that Asus laptop power adapters are manufactured by the high quality and environmental standards that Asus hold. By choosing original Asus laptop chargers you ensure that your laptop will charge with the same wattage as it did when you first bought it. Some generic replacement laptop adapters don't have the same safety features, resulting in slower charging time and less USB port functionality on your ASUS laptop computer.

Zandparts are an authorized Asus spare parts distributor and provides genuine ASUS laptop chargers.


Q: What is the price for an Asus charger?
A: The price for an Asus laptop charger will vary depending on the wattage capacity, style/shape of connector, and type. The easiest way to find the price for your Asus charger is to se our online guide or contact support for a quotation.


Q: How do I identify my ASUS model number? 
A: If you need to order a specific ASUS Laptop Charger, you should locate the model number of your laptop computer. The model number can be found on the bottom or back of your ASUS laptop- it is usually in the form "K55", "UX51", etc. You can also find this information in your Asus owner's manual.

Q: Can I use my ASUS replacement laptop charger anywhere in the world? 
A: Yes - all ASUS AC Adapters and Asus Laptop Chargers can be used worldwide with appropriate power cord adapters. However, we recommend that you purchase a voltage converter/transformer specifically designed for your region if it is not compatible with the local power supply.

Q: How do I replace my ASUS laptop charger? 
A: Replacing your Asus Laptop Charger is simple- it requires no technical knowledge or special tools. Simply remove the old power supply by unplugging it from your laptop, then plug in your new ASUS replacement laptop charger.

Q: What are the safety risks of using a defective ASUS laptop AC Adapter? 
A: The power supply is plugged directly into your wall outlet, so any problems with your ASUS Laptop AC Adapter could pose potential electrocution or fire hazards. 
When purchasing Asus Laptop Charger replacement parts, it is important to match your original Asus AC Adapter part number with the same or compatible Asus laptop charger part number for proper functionality. Use our online guide or contact support to find the right Asus Charger for your model.

Q: What is the benefit of having a spare ASUS Laptop Charger? 
A: Having a second Asus laptop power adapter for travel or as a backup will help ensure that you will always have adequate power while at home or away from your primary Asus laptop charger.